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Here you'll find historical videos exhumed from the vaults. You'll need a copy of RealPlayer 10 to view them...


Note: These videos were originally compressed for viewing on CD and have now been compressed again to stream across the Internet so the quality isn't wonderful....

Heavy Metal Village People....?

The video that the World thought had been lost.... well, bad luck, folks, it's been found again! Yes, this was our fabulously wonderful pop video Heavy Metal tribute to Village People. Accompanied by my trusty companion and one-time Features Editor, Mary Branscombe (seen here in hard hat and whiskers), we recreated all that was best about the 1970s music scene. This was for yet another video on a cover disc back in the Golden Age of PC Plus magazine. Don't ask what it was all about. The 'justification' for this video was far too trivial to go into now. Just sit back, turn up the speakers to full volume (especially if you are in the office!) and enjoy!!!!
Heavy Metal Village People Real Media (1.75MB) streaming
Heavy Metal Village People Real Media (1.75MB) non-streaming download - better quality

Rants and Ravengers

Gratuitous violence and a black cat suit!

I love The Avengers - the wonderful '60s TV show starring Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel. When I had the chance to review some script-writing software, Collaborator and Dramatica, I decided to write an Avengers-type script based loosely on The Hound of The Baskervilles. Here is an edited version with most of the software reviews cut out (well, they would be way out of date now). What's left is my co-star, Mary Branscombe, kicking the living daylights out of me - with extra bonus of my late lamented dog, Bran, starring as The Hound. Pah! Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman, eat your hearts out!
Rants and Ravengers - Real Media (1MB)
Rants and Ravengers - Windows Media, better quality (2.2MB)

Searching For Aliens in Nevada

Look out - behind you!

My director, Wendy, and I happened to be in Las Vegas for the computer show, Comdex. Just a hundred or so miles away from Vegas, in the middle of the Nevada Desert, is the famous Area 51 military base, where the US Government has been rumoured to be developing technologies based on crashed UFOs. Naturally, we had to go and see for ourselves...

1: On the Extraterrestrial Highway (431K)
2: At the Little A'le'Inn (898K)
3: Interview with an Alien Expert (1MB)
4: On the Boundary of Area 51 (1.4MB)

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